Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I had started another post which I had to save for later.  This is way too important to ignore or postpone.  I might forget it.  I was at Publix, - hopefully someday people will read this that have no idea what a Publix is, so that I must explain that it is one of the major supermarkets here in South Florida.  I don't know much about supermarket chains, except for Pathmark which is what I grew up with in Queens, Yo.  Crap, I'm friggin lying.  I wasn't at Publix; it was Winn Dixie, which is the other major supermarket, in like the-other-woman sort of way.  Not sure why I feel that I'm cheating on Publix when I shop at Winn Dixie.  She's not prettier, her aisles aren't bigger and her selection isn't better, she's just, oh, man... convenient.  I'm a pig, I know, convenient is such a cheap excuse since the Publix is actually closer to my apartment, it - it - it just, ok, I'll admit it, it has the RedBox outside. Shame.  It's OK, I doubt Publix is losing sleep over my infidelity, you should see her commercials. 

So I drop off the movie, (it was The Sitter, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=japyVYImEcM with Noah Hill - I hate movie reviews, they are so subjective but, ok, it was cute.  That means I barely liked it.  I'm not a fan of Noah Hill, but at the same time I find myself oddly drawn to him.  He brings out the maternal in me and I think that probably creeps me out a little.)  I go into the store because I was craving pasta and meat sauce - I got ground chicken I haven't indulged in red meat in a few months.  I'm wandering the aisles mesmerized by all the colors in the disposable diaper/baby food aisle (not sure why I was in there, maybe that Noah Hill thing) and I start tuning in to the music playing throughout the store. 

"Don't give up on us baby.
Don't make the wrong seem right
The future isn't just for the night
It's written in the moonlight,
And painted on the stars, we can't change us..."


What?  SHUT UP!  Are you kidding me?  1975.  David Soul, Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson.  I was a Starskey girl myself but by the time I was twelve my hormones didn't care.  It was Starskey, Hutch, or Shaun Cassidy... which would YOU have picked?  I literally stopped for a minute between the Pampers and the Similac just feeling 1975.  It's the closest to time travel we get, isn't it?

Sunday afternoon, (a couple of days ago, today is Tuesday) they were broadcasting this concert on VH1 that was held at some fair in England.  I'm in the kitchen cooking and I hear this mob of people singing "Caribbean Queen" with Billy Ocean.  I was like, ok, whatever, Billy Ocean, who cares?  It sparked a tad of sentimental synapse but I could ignore it.  Then, WHAMO!!

"If it seems a little time is needed
Decisions to be made
The good advice of friends unheeded
The best of plans mislaid..."

It drew me like a magnet into the living room, "oh, is that the The Human League?!!!!!??" trying to be cool in front of my husband who used to be in a punk band. 

And there we were, 198+, crowded into a football (that's English for soccer) field.  Some of us were wearing pink wigs, some of us were sporting the tattoos we got in 1987; some us, well our hair was receding, and maybe some of us had just shaved it all off, screw it.  We gained some weight and some of us gained a lot of weight, but then, many of us looked pretty friggin' good, thank you very much.  Some of us got grey and some of me dye my hair... Hmmm.

Did I mention that MCA died on Friday?  He would have been 48 in August.  I am less than a year younger than he is.  Maybe that's why I'm being so sentimental and time keeps tugging me backwards when really, all it's capable of doing is pushing me forward, leaving nothing but memories in my wake.  It's all we get, I guess. 

Look here, don't be scared!  Memories are A LOT.  Especially now, in the HELLO!! 21st Century!!

Thank you time, for all three Beastie Boys, all at once.  Brooklyn/Queens, baby.




  1. Hi Olga,

    I returned the favor you graciously offered of having my link on your blog. You can now find your link on my blog under a new section on the right titled Friends. Cheers!

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    2. Charlie, Awesomness, thank you kindly. I'm enjoying Space Punk. I'm humbled by you young authors. It reminds me of someone i used to know! You are living at a FANTASTIC time in writing. Enjoy the heck out of it and JUST DO IT.